beyond dracula


Starting with a friendship formed from their university years and living abroad in various capacities, Raluca and Alexandra reunited back in Romania where they share a love for their country, and decided to create a company along with Alexandra’s husband, Giulio, to showcase its breathtaking beauty. And so, Beyond Dracula was launched.

Tailoring each journey on request, Beyond Dracula can arrange a multitude of unique experiences encompassing Romania's storybook old world charm.  Journeys can include UNESCO World Heritage villages, fortresses, castles, and churches.  Romania's little known wilderness offers a multitude of magical adventures including hiking, horseback riding, and bear viewing in the mountains.  Authenticity abounds as you meet local shepherds guarding their flock, visit the Royal Beekeeper, share stories over dinner with a gypsy family, and feel at home in country guesthouses.  This special corner of Europe is still largely untouched and undiscovered by the discerning traveler.


Beyond Dracula

Timisoara, Romania


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