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ITC Sudan (short for Italian Tourism Company Sudan) operates in one of the least visited regions of the world. Sudan is situated to the south of Egypt, and possess an abundance of lesser known yet equally intriguing and historically important pyramids and pharaonic treasures, just like its neighbor to the north.  Founded by two intrepid Italian travelers, Elena and Maurizio after exploring the vast continent of Africa, they fell in love with Sudan, its incredibly friendly people, and its history.

Almost 20 years ago, they set about building a tourist route to present Sudan's beauty and legacy to the rest of the world. Building their own camps and lodges to ensure quality standards and accessibility to the main historical sites, ITC Sudan provides full service group and FIT options and is the only operator to consider for the discerning traveler.  


Italian Tourism Co. Sudan

Milan, Italy (International Booking Office)


+39 331 5416663

Eastern +6 hours

Pacific +9 hours